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3XO: triple infused neroli (orange blossoms) oil

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3XO: triple infused neroli (orange blossoms) oil

from 19.00

Neroli is best known for its miracle healing abilities and intoxicating scent.
For Topical use only

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3XO Neroli:
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Neroli is best known for its miracle healing abilities and intoxicating scent.
For Topical use only

Benefits of 3XO Triple Infused Neroli Oil in Skin Care

Various pathogens and bacteria can lead to infections that cause chronic inflammation.
Any sort of infection can potentially inflict damage to the skin tissue, thus leading to its degeneration. Triple infused neroli oil can help, as it is known to inhibit and even remediate various bacterial infections. Whether you have acne, a wound, or any other skin irritations, 3XO neroli oil applied topically can help to mitigate the infection by inhibiting the growth of pathogens .
Because most pathogens excrete toxic metabolic wastes, 3XO neroli oil can also help protect the skin from further harm caused by toxicity. All in all, this anti-bacterial oil may prove useful in treating a number of infectious diseases of the skin.

Preserves Youthfulness

One of the best skin benefits of 3XO neroli is its potential to regenerate the skin from scar tissue. This is likely due to its cytophylactic actions, meaning neroli oil promotes the regeneration of new cells, while invigorating current skin cells. This also makes 3XO neroli a wonderful anti-aging oil that protects and preserves your skin’s youthfulness, while ensuring its longevity.

Moisturizes Skin

Another potent property of 3XO neroli oil is its ability to soften and moisturize the skin.
Applied topically it is known to smooth facial skin by maintaining moisture and tautening the pores. Properly hydrated and moisturized skin is key to maintaining a radiant glow.

Triple Infused 3XO Neroli  oil is intended to be used topically, and the benefits covered above are all exceptionally helpful for promoting the health and beauty of the skin. This is exactly why you may want to use this fabulous oil in your daily skincare.
Here are a few ways:

Neroli 3XO oil may be used in few different ways:

1. it can be diluted in base oil for an all over massage or facial cleansing oil. The ratio I recommend is 1:4
2. it can be added to a bath. The ratio I recommend is 1:8
3. add 3-4 drops in with your facial toner or hydrosol, blend together in your palms, and let this replace face cream
4. add 3-4 drops to your face cream for deeper penetration and hydration
5. combine with other aromatic 3XO oils and put into a vial and wear as your own signature synergy perfume

Each of my 3XO infused oils follow the Ayurvedic tradition of oil extraction rather than utilising the employment of steam distillation or solvent extraction. The reason is that each herbal oil is a “sneha”, or a form of self love and self care and, as such, it ought to provide gentle nourishment rather than intensive concentrations of volatile constituents the way that certain essential oils and solvent expressed herb products can.

This process is very time consuming and requires patience.
Each batch starts with a base of fine certified organic oils.
I then add (LOTS of) dried orange flower blossoms and allow them to steep for 9 - 12 weeks over low heat.

” 3XO “ stands for “triple infused” with the plant or flowers used- imparting them with the healing properties of the herbs.
Many herbal oils on the market use a ratio of 1 pound of herb to a gallon of oil.
Mine ranges from 5-10 pounds per gallon.
You won’t find richer, more concentrated infused oils, anywhere.

Open a bottle of this neroli oil and you will be rewarded with the natural aromatics of the citrus flowers.
These amazing oils are made fresh and are not in continuous stock.
They are the freshest, most vibrant oils on the market.
Most of these oils will last up to 3 years if kept cool and dark.