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carrot rose cleansing oil

from 7.50

carrot rose cleansing oil

from 7.50

nourishing sesame oil infused with
bioavailable rose petal and carrot root

for cleansing dry, maturing or depleted skin types

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carrot rose oil:
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nourishing sesame oil infused with
bioavailable rose petal and carrot root

for cleansing dry, maturing or depleted skin types

Carrot rose oil is one of nature's finest cleansers. It gently binds with fat-based impurities such as grime, makeup, and even hardened sebum on the surface as well as deeper in the pores, emulsifying, liquefying and mobilising toxins for ready elimination.

HOW TO USE:  as your end of day cleansing ritual, simply squeeze out 1/2 tsp oil into palms, rub palms together, and apply oil to pre-moistened face, massaging in circular strokes.
Rinse off with warm water.
Towel dry.
Alternate method: Use a hot moist face cloth instead of your hands.

For removing makeup: apply a small amount to cotton ball or pad, and wipe makeup away without tugging on the skin.
Take care around eyes.
Rinse with warm water and towel dry.
Follow with toner and cream moisturizer 

Ingredientssesamum indicum (refined and unrefined sesame)* seed oils 70%, daucus carota (carrot) root and seed extracts*, 25%, rosa damascena (rose) essential oil 5%* Store in cool dark location to extend shelf life.

A small size of this product is included in the following skincare kits:
Vata (dry skin) Skincare
Pitta (sensitive skin) Skincare
Repair + Renew Skincare



Expected shelf life of Carrot Rose Cleansing Oilis 2 years as long as it remains anhydrous, or, water-free.
However, once it is crossed with water, the shelf life of any oil/water blend is only 12 - 24 hours. Even refrigerated.
Therefore, it is important to not introduce water into your oil.

All label inks are toxin free, and label papers used are 90% tree-free (made from hemp grass or coconut shell)
All are compostable/recyclable

Carrot Rose Cleansing Oil is non ge (genetically engineered), and is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and hexane free. 
Carrot Rose Cleansing Oilis vegan and has been created without water or volatile essential oils

We are committed to 100% transparency and honor all TIL (Truth In Labeling) codes, which is why you will find the precise percentage of certified organic ingredients displayed on our labels. Every ingredient is listed in the descending order of its proportion. We want you to know what's in the formula before you try it. You'll never see vague terms like "fragrance" listed.

We love what we do and hope you do too. Helping people IS the reason we exist. We'd rather have you call us with questions than be confused or, worse, dissatisfied with a product you don't need.

Each page offers a "mini" option for a reduced price so that you might try out our skincare before marrying it!
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