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  • 2017 Ayurvedic Facial Training Dates

2017 Ayurvedic Facial Training Dates


2017 Ayurvedic Facial Training Dates


SOLAVEDI FACIAL CERTIFICATION  is based on Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies (the Purva Karma applications within Pancha Karma) and on Ayurvedic Herbal Cosmetology.

This training bridges ancient wisdom with modern skincare science for bodyworkers and facialists who desire to deepen their skills and effectiveness in client sessions.


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SOLAVEDI FACIAL CERTIFICATION  is based on Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies (the Purva Karma applications within Pancha Karma) and on Ayurvedic Herbal Cosmetology.

This training bridges ancient wisdom with modern skincare science for bodyworkers and facialists who desire to deepen their skills and effectiveness in client sessions.


Sunday February 4 2018

Time: 9 :30 am to 4:30 pm

Carollanne Crichton + Valentina Knap

Location: Solavedi Organics Studio in Guilford CT
(Address and directions below)
TELEPHONE     203 285 5882
Cost: $145


Here is what you can learn in the class:

  •  the 2 main principles of rejuvenation (rasayana), and how these principles apply on the micro level to facial care

  • through observation of a live demo, the 5 Steps and unchanging traditional rationale for the Solavedi Facial sequence.

  • how to assess constitution, skin type, and how to develop an effective facial session.

  • some components of ayurvedic herbal cosmetology and some of the possible activities of organic ingredients essential to the aims of your skincare treatments

  • you will have the unique and rare opportunity to work side by side with both the formulist and the senior aesthetician at Solavedi Organics, who will share insider secrets of how to customize and work your product "palette" per facial per season

If you are interested in joining in Ayurveda Facial  trainings, please do not wait to contact us.
Classes are kept very small.
We would LOVE to work with you!

Carollanne Crichton + Valentina Knap


Q. What is Pancha Karma?
A. Pancha Karma is Ayurveda's rejuvenation art + science.
While we don't offer Pancha Karma Therapy at Solavedi, we do create our beautiful and wise skincare formulations and their sequencing in facial treatments based on this ancient healing art, and this is what you will be trained in in the Facial Certification Training.

Q: Why Pancha Karma for Skincare?
A. Because Pancha Karma IS the original, time honored art & science of Rejuvenation.

Q. How so?
A. Pancha Karma therapists take into account your unique  basic constitutional strengths and challenge before determining the best course of treatment and we apply this same approach to determining your skin type, it's current condition, and your individual metabolism prior to each facial. Participants in the class will learn doshic correlations to skin types.

Q. Is it just about assessing the skin types?
A. No. It goes deeper than that. We bow to Pancha Karma because it teaches us the importance of balancing detoxification (cleansing + exfoliation) with replenishing nourishment (creams + serums) in proper proportion for each individual, and how it works with the power of nature to perform the work needed. The education here is somewhat counter to common misconceptions circulating.

Q. So, we might have to let go of preconceived ideas in our practices in order to embrace Ayurvedic principles of facial care?A. Perhaps, yes. For example, while chemical peels, manual extractions, microdermabrasion and clinic-born alpha hydroxyl acids may seem effective in dramatically reversing skin problems, Ayurveda shows us another approach.
Ayurveda would have us work with the potency of "gentling" our way with the skin.

Let me Give an Example: Pore Extractions.

Let's say your client has blackheads.
She wants those enlarged pores and blackheads gone.
So, she books a facial, expecting youto scrub and scour and squeeze her skin clean.

Ayurveda thinks that's a little too aggressive. Possibly damaging.
Not healing. Not rejuvenative at all.

What would Ayurveda Pancha Karma approach be like:

1. Layer her skin softening and sebum melting botanicals  (shodhana)
2. Sequence her cleansing and clarifying oil and clay applications(snehana + langhana)
3. Incorporate energy healing (Prana Chikitsa) with pressure points (Marma Therapy)
4. Water: Steam Compresses (swedana) + Toner (hydrosols)
5. Replenish (brimana) with rich, nutritive flowerpetal creams and serums

In the Ayurvedic sequence above, the oils soften and liquefy hardened sebum. The clays lift the impurities up. The flowerpetals and exfoliants stimulate new cell development and vital circulation. The vascular dilation and contraction with hydrosol toners corrects the pH and tauten the pores following their opening. The new cells are nutrified (fed nutrients) with serums and potent creams.

Result: pore extraction from the inside out, done without squeezing or harsh chemicals. Healthier skin, brighter appearance.

This is just ONE example of the benefits to working with Ayurvedic Skincare over other methods.



Aesthetician, Educator
Certified Holistic Health Coach (The Academy of Healing Nutrition NYC)
Ayurvedic Herbal Cosmetology + Skincare (Solavedi Certified)
Master Skincare Educator (Milady Professional Trainings)
Senior Professional Educator (Marinello School of Beauty/Brio Academy)


Formulist/Owner Solavedi Organics
Continuing Education Provider/Published Author
Massage Therapist (ret)
Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
Yoga Therapist

Carollanne (Vedi) Crichton is the formulist here at Solavedi Organics, providing pure, natural, healthy skincare and continuing education for thoughtful people like yourself since 1997 (NCBTMB Approved Curriculum Provider)

Carollanne's roots reach deeply into the healing arts of Massage Therapy, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine Studies and inform every class presentation with a wealth of practical knowledge.

2351 Boston Post Rd
Building 2 Unit 203
(the front building, facing the Post Rd)
Guilford Ct 06437
phone 203 285 5882

Driving Directions From I 95
Take exit 57 off I 95.
f you were traveling northbound, you will turn left off the exit ramp.
If you were traveling southbound, you will turn right off the exit ramp

Now you will be on Boston Post Rd (Rte 1)
Travel exactly 1 mile.(The sign for 2351 Boston Post Rd will be on the right.
It's large, and it's green with white letters and it also says "Granite Hill")
Turn there. This is a complex of business buildings.
As soon as you turn in, you will see 2 buildings in the front that face Rte 1.
Our building is on the right.
Point your car hard right, to the parking area for Solavedi.
Park anyplace.

Solavedi is in the center unit of that front building.