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carrot rose oil

from 3.75

carrot rose oil

from 3.75

for dry, maturing or depleted skin



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carrot rose oil:
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for dry, maturing or depleted skin



HOW TO USE:  simply pour 1/2 tsp oil into palms, rub palms together, and apply oil to pre-moistened face, massaging in circular strokes.
Rinse off with warm water.
Towel dry.
Alternate method: Use a hot moist face cloth instead of your hands.

Pro Tip: As a hair and scalp treatment, warm a little carrot rose oil and apply to scalp. Massage in deeply and pull the oils through to your hair's ends, for a few minutes. The longer you are able to leave the oils in your hair, the more benefits you will see. To shampoo oils from the hair, you will need to do it twice. (repeat the shampooing 2 times) 

Bath: Pour some carrot rose oil into your tub, and soak your entire body in this precious delight.


ingredientssesamum indicum (refined and unrefined sesame)* seed oils 70%, daucus carota (carrot) root and seed extracts*, 25%, rosa damascena (rose) oil 5%* 
 3 oz  $29 Glass Bottle/Pump
INTRO / TRAVEL SIZE $3.75 10 ml, which delivers about 1 weeks’ worth of product

This product is non ge (genetically engineered),  and is gluten free, dairy free, palm oil free + soy free. 
All oils in this product are strictly organic and food grade, and were either cold pressed, are unrefined and, in regards to rose petal extraction, have been oil extracted rather than solvent extracted.
All of our skincare formulas are vegan, and made with certified pesticide-free western, wildcrafted, chinese and/or ayurvedic medicinal grade herbs, wherever applicable.
Very importantly, all of our facial care products are made with triple infused botanicals in food grade oils rather than essential oils

We also want you to know what's in each product.
You'll never see vague terms like "fragrance"  in our ingredient listing or meaningless green washing terms such as “plant based” without describing exactly which plants, and in descending order of their ratios in the preparation.
We sleep very well at night knowing that what we do is worthy of sharing with you, and, now you can too!

Expected shelf life of Solavedi Organics Cleansing Oils is 2 years as long as the product remains anhydrous, or, water-free.
However, once it is crossed with water, the shelf life of any oil/water blend is only 12 - 24 hours. Even refrigerated.
Therefore, it is important to not introduce water into your oil.

Our Cleansing Oils are non ge (genetically engineered), and are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and hexane free. 
Each Cleansing Oil is vegan and has been created without water or volatile essential oils