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source elixir serum

from 7.50

source elixir serum

from 7.50

an elixir for dry skin.
loaded with Super Nutritives-naturally, of course.

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an elixir for dry skin.
loaded with Super Nutritives-naturally, of course.

How you’ll get the most benefits from this elixir:
Pump two times into your palm.
Spritz some rosewater (or better yet, some of our 1000 Petals Flora Toner) two times, over the elixir, and rub your palms together (hey, now. Do it with enthusiasm) to blend the serum into the rosewater. Now, slather this gorgeousness all over your face, neck, and decolette.
( You are actually mixing a pure and fresh oil/water emulsion, which is what lotions and creams are.
But, without added stabilizers and preservatives.)
This is the way to live.
No added fillers or fragrances.
Just be your beautiful self.



Ingredients: organic rosehip seed oil, cold pressed sesame seed oil and apricot kernel oil with organic carrot extract, organic tangerine bioflavonoids, non g.m.o. pumpkin seed oil, perilla oil, jasmine flower petal lipids, boosted with buffered Vitamin C, and Beta Carotene

This product is non ge (genetically engineered),  and is gluten free, dairy free, palm oil free + soy free. 
All oils in this product are strictly organic and food grade, and were either cold pressed, are unrefined and, in regards to plant extraction, have been oil extracted rather than solvent extracted.
All of our skincare formulas are vegan, and made with certified pesticide-free western, wildcrafted, chinese and/or ayurvedic medicinal grade herbs, wherever applicable.
Very importantly, all of our facial care products are made with triple infused botanicals in food grade oils rather than essential oils

We also want you to know what's in each product.
You'll never see vague terms like "fragrance"  in our ingredient listing or meaningless green washing terms such as “plant based” without describing exactly which plants, and in descending order of their ratios in the preparation.
We sleep very well at night knowing that what we do is worthy of sharing with you, and, now you can too!