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massage medicinal balm: healing

from 10.00

massage medicinal balm: healing

from 10.00

This is the original formula, a tradition in Carollanne's treatments since 1989.
Now available in family size, too.

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healing balm:
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This is the original formula, a tradition in Carollanne's treatments since 1989.
Now available in family size, too.

Healing Massage Medicinal Balm is in my home medicine chest, in place of antibacterial ointments.
And, it is in every treatment room, the yoga studio and at my desk. It works wonderfully on cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes and scratches.
How it works: Lavender is known to possess over 150 therapeutic compounds. The human body has receptors for these compounds, allowing the wisdom and innate healing tendency of your own body to receive the therapeutic compounds where they are most beneficial, via inhalation as well as trans dermally, within 5 minutes of topical application. Benefits include antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, relaxant, euphoric and more.
Healing Massage Medicinal Balm also helps quell nausea and tension headache, when applied on temples and tummy.
Safe for children and the elderly. Avoid usage during pregnancy.

Body Therapists: Keep a jar of this handy in your treatment room. It's very versatile and will enhance the good work you do. Use it all over the body from head to toe in massage therapy.

Here is how I suggest the Healing Massage Medicinal Balm be used at home:
1. Like antibiotic ointment for minor cuts, scrapes, burns.
2. For chapped lips and diaper area
3. For body care: massage a small amount of balm over tight, tense muscles, joints, or, over the abdomen.
    3A. Next, apply moist heat. There are 2 easy ways to apply moist heat.
    3B . Use a wet facecloth soaked in hot water, wrung out well, and lay it over the balm.
    3C. Take either a hot shower or bath, and let the warmth of the water work with that balm. Don't wash it off with soap.
    3D Apply a little more at bedtime and let it work while you sleep.

Sleep + Oils + Lavender = Renewal

Ingredients: 100% organic Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil, New Zealand or German pesticide-free wildcrafted beeswax and honey cappings infused with 100% organic home grown lavender, freshly picked before infusion.




Expected shelf life is 24 months from date of batch preparation, and not less than 12 months from  when you purchase it.
A 4 ounce jar, with daily home care use, typically lasts at least 2 months, but may last even longer.

All inks are toxin free, and label papers used are 90% tree-free (made from hemp grass or coconut shell)
All are compostable/recyclable

This product is  non ge (genetically engineered),  is gluten free + soy free, oils are extracted without hexane, it is dairy free, vegan, and is  made with certified pesticide-free herbs.
As with all our body care products it is made with triple infused botanicals in food grade oils rather than essential oils.

We are committed to 100% transparency and honor all TIL (Truth In Labeling) codes, which is why you will find the precise percentage of certified organic ingredients displayed on our labels. Every ingredient is listed in the descending order of its proportion. We want you to know what's in the formula before you try it. You'll never see vague terms like "fragrance" listed.

We love what we do and hope you do too. Helping people IS the reason we exist. We'd rather have you call us with questions than be confused or, worse, dissatisfied with a product you don't need.

Each page offers a "mini" option for a reduced price so that you might try out our body care formulas before marrying them!
Please consider this option.