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Rx Vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum

from 19.95

Rx Vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum

from 19.95

An essential serum for all skin types

restores smooth, soft skin
reverses hyperpigmentation


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Rx Remedy Vitamin C HA Serum:
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An essential serum for all skin types

restores smooth, soft skin
reverses hyperpigmentation


Rx REMEDY VITAMIN C SERUM offers the highest dose of (buffered) photo-protective topical Vitamin C with High Density Hyaluronic Acid hydration synergistically blended with collagen precursor MSM and Ayurvedic fruit & herb extracted bioflavonoids. Benefits derived from polysaccharides, flavonoids, and astragalosides include those extracted fromAstragalus, Ashwaghanda, Amalaki Fruit, Tangerine, Carrots, and Rose Hips. Oligo-proanthocyanidins (OPCs) found in MSM greatly reduce oxidative dermal stress, DNA damage, and inflammation and are added to this formula for healing soft tissue and collagen repair.


  • penetrates deeply, boosts cellular turnover
  • visibly improves tone + texture
  • adds moisture + hydration while conditioning
  • reduces the look of hyperpigmentation
  • brightens your overall complexion


Active Ingredients

  •          Borage + Pumpkin Seed Oils
  •          Ayurvedic+ TCM  Rejuvenating Herbs
  •          Jasmine Flower Petal Wax
  •          Tangerine Bioflavonoids
  •          Vitamin C
  •          Botanical Hyaluronate 
  •          Apple Pectin Humectants
  •          MSM
  •          Carrot Extract
  •          Rosehip Seed Oil (rosa mosqueta)

    How to Apply:
  • Apply 2-3 drops of RX REMEDY onto cleansed skin
  • Evenly distribute the application before gently massaging it into the skin
  • Can wear alone or under moisturizer

Solavedi's Insider Tips:

  • Layer under your day cream for optimal anti-aging and healthier skin benefits.
  • Blend some Rx Vitamin C Serum into your Rokk + Fruut Mask to boost the skin lightening attributes of both products.
  • This product is included in every skincare kit. It's THAT essential.


    Expected shelf life of Rx REMEDY VITAMIN C SERUM is 2 years from batch preparation if stored closed, cool, dark and dry.
    We guarantee at least 12 months shelf life when you receive it, which will be marked on your bottle..

    All label inks are toxin free, and label papers used are 90% tree-free (made from hemp grass or coconut shell)
    All are compostable/recyclable

    Rx REMEDY VITAMIN C SERUM is non ge (genetically engineered), and is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and hexane free. 
    Rx REMEDY VITAMIN C SERUM is vegan and has been created without volatile essential oils, using infusions and extracts instead.

    We are committed to 100% transparency and honor all TIL (Truth In Labeling) codes, which is why you will find the precise percentage of certified organic ingredients displayed on our labels. Every ingredient is listed in the descending order of its proportion. We want you to know what's in the formula before you try it. You'll never see vague terms like "fragrance" listed.

    We love what we do and hope you do too. Helping people IS the reason we exist. We'd rather have you call us with questions than be confused or, worse, dissatisfied with a product you don't need.

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