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vedi carollanne crichton

vedi carollanne crichton


Welcome to Solavedi

I'm  your formulist here at Solavedi, where you'll find me happily creating pure, natural, healthy skincare and traditional ayurvedic thailam body care products as I have for thoughtful people like yourself since 2003.

I've been a full-time practicing massage therapist since 1989, a yoga instructor since 1980 and am a lifelong student of Ayurveda: especially it's beautiful knowledge of herbal and botanical cosmetology and transdermal potencies of plant medicine.

My core product line consists of what I've called "Massage Medicinals", which are both Ayurvedic and Regional Wildcrafted balms and oils for use from head to toe.

                                                                                                   Solavedi Skincare was born from Massage Medicinals.

       Facial  products for healing specific doshic imbalances, or, transiting challenges has become an incredibly rich laboratory of study. I've enjoyed solving skincare mysteries with each and every one of you: over the phone, by email, and in my office, and look forward to much more to come.

I appreciate the feedback you offer. It propels me to refine, clarify and improve every aspect of each formula ever more.

So, thank you!

Keep the love flowing~~

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Carollanne  Crichton