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wholesale: soaps

from 2.50

wholesale: soaps

from 2.50


This page lists the sizes of our herbal and botanical liquid soaps for hands, body, bath.



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This page lists the sizes of our herbal and botanical liquid soaps for hands, body, bath.



The Wholesale Account program is open to all health care professionals, practitioners, and retailers licensed / registered to purchase tangible goods for resale in their local area or for use during the regular course of business.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance into the Wholesale Account program is contingent upon specific guidelines. 

  • Minimum Purchase: There are minimums of purchase to receive the wholesale discount. The opening order must be $399 at the wholesale prices. Follow up orders must be $149. Additional shipping charges do apply.

  • Wholesale Pricing Structure: Solavedi Organics brand products will be available at discount margins that range between 40%- 60% off of retail pricing. Back Bar discounts range between 60% and 70% off the retail value. Discounts are subject to change without notice. 

  • Professional Use Only: Wholesale accounts may not be used for personal purchases. If we suspect that you are purchasing items at wholesale pricing for your own use, we reserve the right to close your wholesale account immediately and permanently.

  • MSRP or Above Only:  We request that Wholesale accounts sell Solavedi Organics products at the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price as listed on  Failure to charge at least this price may result in removal from the program. It is up to the discretion of the individual wholesale account whether they wish to charge more than MSRP.

  • Obligation to Collect / Report Sales & Use Tax: It is the Wholesale account holder's legal obligation to collect/report any and all applicable sales & use tax to the relevant governing authorities. Even in localities where it is not required to be licensed as a retailer, we will request documentation indicating that you will collect these taxes whenever applicable and releasing Solavedi Organics from any legal liability stemming from failure to do so on your part. Failure to provide this documentation upon request may result in your application being rejected or removal from the program.


Wholesale Account Benefits

  • Enjoy substantial savings on bulk and retail size purchases of Solavedi Organics brand products.

  • Resell Solavedi Organics products at a profit.

  • Provide your patients, customers, students and clients with Carollanne Crichton's high quality massage medicinals and facial skincare that make Solavedi Organics a leader in Ayurvedic body therapy and spa treatments.


How to Place Your Wholesale Orders and get started

  1. If you still have questions, check out our Return Policy at the bottom of any page.

  2. Read and review the terms and conditions above.

  3. Wholesale Ordering is totally self managed. Simply go to our Wholesale Portal (here; and start shopping, 24/7.


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